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Rupea, a Medieval Fortress located between Fagaras and Sighisoara

On a recent trip to Transylvania, I stopped to visit Rupea Fortress, a recently renovated Medieval fortress with a very old history. According to archeological discoveries, this fort was built by the ancient Romanians, the Dacians, and named Rumidava (“dava” meaning “fort” or “fortress”). Later on, as some of the Dacian territories were conquered by the Roman Empire, the fort was destroyed […]

In the shadow of Dracula

When traveling to Transylvania, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is Dracula. In fact, the myth created an entire industry, from movies to annual festivals, books, hotels, foods. No other Romanian Prince (although Romania has many other quite extraordinary historical figures) was able to match Dracula’s international fame. Of course, part of his […]

Special Effects Photos

Taken literally, the Greek words “photos” and “graphos” together mean “drawing with light”. There is no exact information on how and when photography began, but the first printed photographs were made between 1816 and 1840 continuing on the previous century”s discovery that certain chemicals turned black when exposed to light. Almost as soon as the […]

Visiting Maramures – A place like no other…

Maramures is located in the Northern part of Romania, a land rich in myths and traditions that date back to the times of the Dacians (ancient Romanians), ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire. According to archeological findings, Maramures was inhabited since pre-historic times. The first Indo-European settlements (Dacian, Celtic, Sarmatian and Germanic) discovered in Sapanta, […]